BITM 2022

Lumbini, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Our Speakers

Meet our most valued BITM 2019 Speakers

Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta

Vice Chairperson of Lumbini Development Trust

At age 15, Venerable Metteyya (previously known as Awadhesh Tripathi) began building the Metta School with his dedi;

Mr. Cetin Gurcun

Former Vice President of UFTAA (Tourism)

He is the former Secretary General of TURSAB(Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) world’ sone of the large;

Bikram Pandey Kaji

President of Buddhist Circuits & Goodwill Ambassador of Lumbini ( Birthplace of Lord Buddha)

Creator of Lumbini PEACE Marathon: World’s First & ONLY Peace RUN as Spiritual SPORTS in Buddha’s o;

Basanta Bidari

Retired Chief Archeologist in Lumbini Development Trust & Proffesor in Lumbini Buddha University

He discovered the marker stone in Lumbini that identified the exact birth spot of Prince Siddhartha Gautama. He was;

Mr. Steve Cairns

Lay Buddhist and manager of Liberty Tours in Sydney, Australia.

Steven Cairns is an avid traveller, having travelled and worked in countries all around the world. He is a lay Budd;

Mr. Michael Turtle


He has worked for almost a decade as a television and radio reporter and newsreader at Australia’s national b;

Our Moderators

Meet our most valued moderators


Senior Director at Nepal Tourism Board


Tourism Entrepreneur

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"Event Marketing" book presentation

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